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Where do we go from here?

Over the last 9 weeks I’ve given examples on traditional and non-traditional advertising and yes I will admit that there were more post on non-traditional advertising but I did this for a reason.

Social Media is really taking over the advertising and PR sphere, I will not disregard traditional media as it has it’s place but as the world advances technologically at lightning space social media is the piece to the puzzle. It’s not a fad in fact I would describe it as our next “Industrial Revolution”, it is here to stay.

So as we continue to do what’s best for our clients, always be mindful that what’s good for one isn’t good for all. Don’t stick to the traditional advertising and don’t be so quickly to jump on the social media bandwagon, think about your client, think about what will help or hurt their brand!



  Curtis Belgrave wrote @

This is just ahead of it’s time. in the bussiness authority 8th aug. Judete Coward did a piece on pricing in which her co. had lost on bidding because they thought one price suits should have a read! the ending was great.

  Abdul wrote @

It’s amazing what is happening in the advertising world these days. It is interesting following your blog and your ideas.

Social media is really taking off – and traditional newspapers (and TV) are suffering because their business models are no longer profitable – with their broadness. The Internet is much more able to target audiences, publics.

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