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To App or not to App

For my last look at non-traditional media I’ve decided to look at the newest craze – iPhone Applications. It seems like almost every brand is creating an application for their service, brands such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Gap and even lesser known and upcoming brands such as TapIt (I was introduced to in Kelly’s blog) have all developed iPhone “apps” in an effort to connect with consumers.
The iPhone App Store now contains more than 85,000 items, which have cumulatively been downloaded more than 2 billion times, with a quarter of this total being recorded in the last quarter alone, AdMob, the mobile advertising network also reported that 25% of these downloads take the form of wireless subscribers opting for paid-for services, rather than just choosing free devices.

Here are how a few companies are using Iphone Apps to market a their product or service.

Starbucks created myStarbucks this enables owners of the touchphone to “create” their own drinks, locate their nearest outlet, and view nutritional information on its products.

The Gap created Style Mixer, which empowers shoppers to browse and match items from its fashion range, and also offers money off any purchases made.

Pizza Hut created a function that allow users to remove ingredients by “tilting” their phone (one factor contributing to its popularity). The company also offered a discount of 20% for customers who use this medium to order items from its menu.

So with all these cool ways to experience the brand, do you think companies should create applications for their services although they are excluding parts of their target market market? OR should they be creating sub campaigns for those who do not iPhones.



  Ashley F wrote @

I think the use of iphone applications is a very good way to reach a company’s audience, in conjunction with traditional advertising. Using iphone applications only, as a way to reach audiences might not be completely successful because as you mentioned, companies would be excluding parts of their audience that do not use iphones.

Why not have an iphone application but also use traditional means of advertising in order to reach a wider audience rather than limiting your reach to only those with an iphone! I think it would generate much more success if a company incorporates and provides information to all of its audience members.

  kellisa26 wrote @

Since this post I have been doing some light reading on different types of iPhone apps and it seems like there is an app for everything and everyone! Although only those who have iPhones can enjoy this service, it is definitely a great service to be enjoyed.

So here are a few other cool apps that I’ve recently found out about

University of Utah has designed to assist students, scientist, doctors and patients.

Here’s another educational app that helps students to cram for tests as well as access class information

If you like to travel, especially within the US, USA Today has created the app for you

For those Twitter-ers who like to Tweet, here are the top 5 Twitter aps for your iPhone.

And soon from now VoIP services will be available so look out for Vonage and Skype on your iPhone

  kellisa26 wrote @

Apple just introduced it’s 4th generation iPod Touch, here are a few ads that demonstrates what the new touch is capable of doing.

As mentioned in my first To App or not To App post, Pizza Hut’s app allow users to remove ingredients by “tilting” their phone. While the new features( tilt, tap and turn) are targeted towards game playing , I am curious to see how other brands will use this to benefit their products/service.

Let the creative war begin!

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