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Always Coca Cola?

Until I read this article I actually did not take notice that one of the world’s biggest brands names is not a social networking junkie! According to Joseph Tripodi, the company’s chief marketing and commercial officer, the  US soft drinks giant, will adopt a “far more aggressive digital presence” as it seeks to respond to “dramatic changes” in consumer behaviour. Coke’s aggressive digital push is aimed at developing creative content as they move beyond traditional marketing techniques. 

So how are they doing this? Coke has come up with a (in my opinion not so original – although I like the ad) Sounds of Coca-Cola mini campaign part of their overall Open Happiness campaign. People submit videos in which they replicate the noises they associate with opening, pouring and drinking Coke.

The mini campaign is  being conducted exclusively through Facebook, a specially designed ‘Sounds of Coca-Cola’ application has been created  allowing you to upload personal audition videos showcasing your own unique interpretation of the ‘Sounds of Coca-Cola.’ The winner of this competition is featured in a 2010 Coca Cola commercial.

I’ve scoured the internet for audition videos as a means of gaging the success of this social media/viral campaign, unfortunately this was the only video I found

The Sounds of Coca-Cola competition ends on October 15 (appx. two week from now) and there is no evidence of YouTube audition videos so I decided to check out their Facebook page – it has a rating of 2/5 stars and a total of 31 fans. 

Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola North America is quoted as saying “Mobile is at the centre of this media revolution. For us it is critical to understand this new device, to interact with teens and youth where they spend their time and deliver engaging and compelling brand experiences. So we add mobile to the marketing mix in pretty much all of our markets.” 

As Coke is using Facebook to mobilize this campaign, it is clear that Coke is either doing something wrong or not doing enough to promote this campaign. Could it be a result that they are a late bloomer in the social networking craze? My topic for this blog is Traditional or Non Traditional Advertising – does it help or hurt the brand. 

I don’t believe that Coke’s step into the media revolution of non traditional advertising is hurting their brand maybe their success would be achieved if they think outside of the can!


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