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Electronics manufacturer Sony is targeting social media as a means to promote their consumer electronics in the US. Sony is signing up ‘blogger dads’ to stimulate consumer conversations on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, they have formed DigiDads as part of their marketing efforts to get fathers to use their products and write about them.

Marcy Cohen, senior manager of communications at Sony Electronics, says the aim is “to engage customers in conversation and share the insights we gain with engineers, product developers and designers. The feedback is going to be invaluable. It’s an easy way to speak frankly and directly.” These “sponsored conversations” within social networks create a new platform  for customers while raising brand awareness.

As a response to the DigiDads campaign Sony will be launchingf their Summer campaign “Summer of 100 faces” where dads and their kids will take 100 portraits and the use of GPS-equipped video cameras to map out historical video tours of a neighbourhood or record a tour on vacation. Although not mentioned, I am quiet certain that Sony equipment will be used to document this campaign 🙂

Here is how one DigiDad will be using the equipment.


Sony has allowed tech-savvy dad’s to use their equipment and blog about it, this leads me to ask is this a social networking or viral communications campaign or is this an integration of both or neither?

What are your thoughts?

Talk about non-traditional advertising!



  krisma wrote @

I think it is geared on Integrated Marketing Communication with social networking. This campaign however is very modern yet appealing to family oriented. I love the fact the sony continues to use this angle,makes them look like they are more than juts selling their products. They build rapport and a relationship with clients since their approach is some what “up close and personal”.

  kellisa26 wrote @

I agree with you Krisma, what I find interesting is that many campaigns now include the video function as a means of gaining user participation and recognition. Persons interested in the campaign view these videos and then most them on other social networking site allowing creating a viral movement allowing for greater recognition of the brand and the campaign.

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