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The Social Media Craze

Over the next few weeks, I will be researching which major co-operations are including social media into their marketing mix. Today’s blog focuses on Ford – the first American automobile manufacturer and why they have decided to shy away from traditional media for the USA launch of their new Ford Fiesta.

As we all know social media is currently the fastest growing form of non-traditional advertising. Advertiser’s are increasing their use of social media services such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products and as a tool through which to respond to queries from their customers.

Ford will launch their latest Fiesta in the USA next year, and has put interactive media at the core of its advertising strategy as a means to increase awareness of the new model prior to its formal introduction.

 In March – April, the automobile manufacturer gave 100 influential bloggers a Fiesta to drive for six months, with the sole requirement that they add a new video to YouTube, the video-sharing portal, each month offering their honest opinions regarding the car.

The first link below includes an footage of  a test drive of the car as well as the launch of the new Fiesta, Brand Manager Sam De La Garza explains the reasoning behind the move from traditional advertising (0:46 second mark)

For also encouraged this group to openly discuss their views on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as it seeks to generate a “buzz” before the vehicle goes on sale in early 2010.

Here is a detailed video from one of the lucky bloggers.

This strategic approach is important as the company is adapting a new way of communicating with their desired markets through the changing  culture of communications.

What do you think about Ford’s new strategic approach? Do you think this approach is important to the company’s history?


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  Kelly Baker wrote @

This is a smart and inexpensive way for Ford to generate some interest through social media and the bloggesphere about the Fiesta. The campaign didnt cost Ford much, just the use of their vehicles, and if these bloggers have a big following, as I’m sure Ford investigated, they will get a big return in attention for limited funds spent. Especially in these tough times for the American auto market, they have to be smart and cost effective in the way they market their cars and this seems to be working.

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