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Advertising Space

One of the most importatnt factors in advertising – other than getting the desired message out the key publics- is being able to use the space you have whether in a newspaper, magazine, billboard, web page, shopping bags etc wisely, effectively and creatively.

Here are a few examples of  how some companies decided to use their advertising space.

As my topic seeks to explore if non-traditional advertising helps or hurts the brand, I would like to get your feedback on another advertising campaign by Adidas. To me, this campaign is undoubtedly an ingenious use of advertising space but I can only imagine the risks taken to under go such a production.

Did Adidas go too far? Do you think this form of non-traditional advertising helps or could potentially hurt the brand?


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  evesaintlaurent wrote @

I definitly like the video about vertical soccer. It’s such a brilliant idea!! People on the street are staring at the wall with the players and everone is aware that this is ADIDAS:-). Even in the media it set the Agenda for a short time as it was so extra-ordinary.
For me, coming from soccer nation Germany it might be even more convincing than for others. The only risk I see is that the players could fall down, but as ADIDAS professionally planned the event campaign, I’m sure that they were caring about the safety of the stuntmen.
So, in total – genious!

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